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It’s our job to help business utilise their safety and security. By introducing waking watch into your daily operations, you can significantly reduce the risk of a fire. Waking watch is a cost-effective solution for managing your fire and flood safety. Here in Newham, we work with Blue Chip, housing associations, construciton and the private sector. We assign fire wardens to protect their premises 24 hours a day. By having 24-hour flood and fire watch, you can save the lives of employees, visitors and protect the condition of your property. This service is a proactive approach to guaranteeing your safety and prolonging your property. In busy working environments, fire prevention is crucial; with fire wardens on hand, you can continue your operations rest assured.

At City Security, we ensure that your business receives he utmost diligent officers. Our guards work around the clock ensuring that your building is safe and secure from fire or flood hazards. A fire alarm is effective, however fire wardens prevent the disasters form happening. By conducting a report and making note of your vulnerabilities or obstacles, fire wardens reduce fire hazards significantly.

Fire and Flood watch for businesses.

We will source fire wardens from your nearest location to attend to your property immediately or long-term. City Security will first perform a survey of your business to identify vulnerabilities and propose the best plan of action to take. Waking watch is an effective investment, not only will you prevent permanent damage to your property but you can protect the lives of your employees and visitors day in and day out. By introducing fire and flood watch into your business, you are one step ahead of health and safety, plus you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. Our waking watch service is available throughout Cambridge and covers all commercial, private real estate and construction companies.

We will organise fire wardens to man and patrol your business 24 hours a day, keeping an eye out for faults or fire hazards before conducting a report. Waking watch services will allow you to find out loopholes in your business and how to approach them in the best way. Fire watch saves your business a colossal amount of money; it prevents damage to your property and safeguards the lives of everyone in the premises. If you are a Blue Chip, large or busy business, you will benefit from introducing a waking watch service into your daily operations and security measures.

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