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We provide fire warden services, assigning waking watch officers to business, real estate and private property in and around Lewisham. Fire and flood watch is an efficient and proactive security service. This service is suited for commercial and industrial business with consistent foot flow and busy working environments. Fires can happen at the most unexpected of times, that is why it’s important to have fire wardens onsite. At City Security it’s our duty to help protect businesses the best we can at that’s why we highly recommend waking watch. With officers patrolling your property 2/7 for fire hazards and flood risks, you can rest assured that our property is in safe hands.

As a business manager you’ll understand the struggles of trying to juggle everything. That’s why our waking watch services can deal with the safety of your building, visitors and employees. Here in Lewisham, we work with multiple companies, assigning fire wardens to their property for routine patrols.

24 hour fire and flood watch services for business.

Our professionals scout your premises, looking out for potential fire risks and floods. They will conduct a report and feed information back to you including recommendations to improve your fire safety. 24-hour fire and flood watch saves you money in the long run, it also reduces fire accidents completely as they prevent them before they arise.


We will source the nearest fire wardens for your business; ensuring that we assign diligent officers to your property immediately or long term. Our team will carry out a survey of your property before we assign fire wardens, identity vulnerabilities in your business. Waking watch follows strict routines or operates randomly, allowing the officers to cover all areas of your premises. Blue Chip companies, construction and larger businesses would benefit form implementing a waking watch service into their daily operation.

Prevent fire hazards and flood risks today with our waking watch services in Lewisham:

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