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City Security Services specialise in sourcing and assigning fire wardens to businesses and real estate throughout the Greenwich area. Waking watch is an efficient and productive safety service that is crucial to have in busy working environments. Fires happen often in businesses and they have a devastating effect, that’s why we work to prevent the risk. By introducing a waking watch into your company, you can reduce the risk of a fire or flood significantly. Not only can these disasters destroy property, but also they put your employees and visitor’s lives in danger. For a security and safety precaution our fire wardens patrol your property 24 hours a day to look out for potential hazards that may cause a fire or flood in the future. Our fire wardens will conduct a report of your business and provide insight into what could be improved and where your vulnerabilities are.

Our waking watch service covers all areas of Greenwich, allowing us to source the nearest fire wardens to attend to your property immediately or for long-term needs. City Security Services will perform a property survey before we assign fire wardens, ensuring we identify areas in your business that may benefit form this service.

24 hour fire and flood watch services for business.

Waking watch is a great investment. Not only will it safeguard the condition of your warehouse, building or assets but it protects the residence. This 24-hour surveillance prevents property damage and fire hazards. It keeps you safe and rest-assured while you continue with your day-to-day operations. Our flood and fire watch services cover all businesses, commercial factories and private real estate, as well as construction sites.

It’s our job to protect your business and assets while you remain busy with your responsibilities. Our fire wardens can follow a strict or randomised patrol route to allow them to cover the entirety of the area. Waking watch services also look for weaknesses and loopholes in your business, providing recommendations to improve your safety and overall security. We suggest introducing a waking watch service for blue Chip, busy and larger businesses and working environments as fire and flood watch can often be missed.

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