Waking Watch – Fire Wardens – Case Study

Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, a number of public and private landlords have taken proactive preventative steps to ensure that their tenants have remained safe whilst living in buildings that have been identified as requiring immediate remedial safety work to their building fabric.

During the time that it takes for the building faults to be corrected, City Security has provided a fire regulation compliant ‘Waking Watch’ service.

We are able to supply fully trained, uniformed fire wardens throughout the London and Cambridge areas. All ‘Fire Wardens’ are specifically trained in fire watch duties and provided with all of the equipment necessary to provide an effective and safe Waking Watch service.

We are able to provide trained staff at very short notice. On one occasion an existing client contacted us in a panic as two of their properties had received an unscheduled inspection by members of the London Fire Brigade who advised them that their buildings presented such a potential risk to the lives of their tenants that unless a team of 18 trained SIA licensed fire wardens could be deployed to their sites by the end of the day, their buildings would need to be fully evacuated and the residents housed in alternative accommodation.

We were able to deploy a full team of 18 ‘SIA’ licensed, fully trained Fire Wardens to site within just four hours.

In addition to Fire Warden duties, when requested we can train our staff in the use of Evacuation Chairs and First Aid. In addition, we can provide all of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment including air horns and two-way radios. We can also supply bespoke welfare facilities (subject to site survey).