Static officers in Woolwich

City Security Services deploys SIA static officers to patrol businesses and private real estate all throughout Woolwich. Our static officers can provide long-term or short-term security patrols to satisfy the needs of the business. Manned security is a vital security measure for companies that receive many visitors a day or are prone to crime.

Blue Chip and housing associations would benefit most from using static officers to safeguard the premises. Static officers reduce the risk of theft, trespassing and vandalism, so you can rest assured your property is in safe hands even while you’re away. An efficient and reliable source of security lies in security officer patrols as they can make arrests and handle trouble when need be without the police.

Security officers for patrol in Woolwich

Static officers look out for accidents, keep the peace and protect employees and visitors from unsafe situations. This security approach is an idyllic safety measure for larger businesses that would require a 24-hour patrol of their premise. Commercial, warehouses and private industries would be a suited client for static officers, this is because they monitor the entirety of the building and safeguard the area during busy periods and after hours. We have static officer patrols available in Woolwich, ready for immediate deployment. Our SIA guards act with utmost diligence when it comes to protecting your property and residence.

While your business and employees are busy carry out operations, our static officers will circle the proximity, looking out for unusual activity. City Security Services partners with housing associations, Blue Chip and construction companies throughout Woolwich. We assign static officers to their bespoke business specifications. Our officers will patrol in a set pattern, handling any issues that arise. You can avoid putting your business and residence at risk by hiring or employing static officers to secure your business all hours of the day.

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