Static officers in Greenwich

City Security Services provides access to diligent static officers that serve businesses throughout Greenwich. Our SIA officers are available for immediate or long-term deployment, protecting your premises all hours of the day. With our manned security, you can secure public and private events, companies and real estate, ensuring optimum safety of the residencies. Hiring or employing static officers to guard your property will reduce your exposure to crime. Theft, vandalism and trespassing are common crimes, especially when you have little to no security around your premise and after hours.

Security officers available for patrol in Greenwich

Whether it’s to look out for potential incidents, to protect citizens or keep an eye on your business, security guards are idyllic security measures for any Blue Chip organisation. Our officers are suited for housing associations, Blue Chip commercial, warehouses and private industries. Here in Greenwich, we delegate static officers to man properties consistently, following your individual specifications. Security officers patrol your property, acting as an effective security measure for your business’ safety. All officers ensure the utmost vigilance during their shifts, safeguarding all aspects of your property, visitors and residents.

While you handle your daily operations, your static officers will patrol the entirety of the area. You can then rest assured that your property is in safe hands. City Security Services has partnered with many businesses across Greenwich, providing bespoke security including static patrols to optimise safety.

Our SIA officers will handle any issues that arise and conduct reports on the overall safety of your premise. There’s nothing more destructive than putting your employees, visitors and property at risk due to inadequate security, therefore with officers patrolling 24/7 this risk can be avoided.

If you’re looking to speak with someone regarding static officer patrol service,s we can help. Get in touch with City Security Services via:

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