Static officers in Deptford

City Security Services takes pride in providing adept SIA officers to patrol businesses throughout Deptford, London. Our static officers are available for immediate or long-term assignment, safeguarding your premises 24 hours a day. With manned security patrolling your property you are guaranteed a safer and more secure environment.

Our security officers are available for commercial, private and public events, protecting crowds and property and keeping the peace. Hiring static patrol is one of the best security measures for any business, providing consistent security of your premises, whether day or night. Our SIA operatives act with the utmost diligence, carrying out random or scheduled patrols to provide a surprise deterrent. Vandalism and trespassing is a common problem amongst high profile businesses and that’s where your static officers come in.

Security officer patrol services in Deptford.

Working alongside Blue Chip companies, warehouses and construction sites, City Security Services can deploy the most vigilant of SIA guards to patrol your property and report back to you on any incidents and prevent them before they escalate. We source and provide highly skilled and experienced officers, assigning them to notorious businesses and real estate across Deptford. Static patrol safeguards your employees, visitors and the condition of your property and assets. There’s nothing more destructive than a business that isn’t prepared for the worst outcome, however with static control you can guarantee preservation of your property and residence.


City Security Services are known providers of SIA officers, with partnerships in many companies. We learn your requirements and create a bespoke security approach. Our static officers carry the same responsibilities of a police officer and can make arrests and reports at will, saving you time in an emergency. If you think your business would benefit from static patrol then feel free to enquire about our services. We’re more than happy to provide bespoke officer patrol plans to accommodate your specifications and businesses size.


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