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Dog Patrol

NASDU approved dog patrol units can be deployed at your request, securing public events and private property alike. Guard dog security is a significant crime deterrent measure.

Security dogs have an impeccable sense of smell, enhancing detection skills and responding to any unusual behaviour. Each dog patrol unit is encompassed with trained NASDU-approved Officers, providing optimum security for the public and private real estate.

Security Risk Assessment

We work closely with businesses across Cambridge and London, offering adept security risk assessments to pinpoint implications and provide practical resolutions to optimise your safety.

Our risk assessments and survey will identify problems, assess the issues detected and provide safe solutions to maintain your security. Our Officers will focus on preventing security defects and potential vulnerabilities.

Carrying out a security risk assessment will allow business owners to develop an understanding of how secure their premises are and provide them with perception from the eyes of a potential intruder.

We assess all security operations, ensuring that we cover all areas in and around your property to conduct an accurate review.

After we finalise a security risk assessment, we can deliver a realistic service to optimise on safety and security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do City Security have much experience of providing this type of services?

Yes, we have been working in partnership with many of the country’s leading Managing Agents for over 25 years.

Can you supply client references?

Yes, we will do so as part of any cost proposal that we submit to you in response to your enquiry.